Giving A Cigar As A Gift

Cigars are a traditional gift for groomsmen or for a dad who has just welcomed a new baby. Even someone who does not smoke cigars on a regular basis can appreciate a good one now and then. If you have never given a cigar as a gift before, or if you've only done so occasionally, then you may benefit from the tips and advice below.

Spend more for a quality cigar with Nicaraguan or Honduran tobacco

Cuban cigars have an excellent reputation, but the legality around them is complicated in the United States. The good news is, though, that cigars made from Nicaraguan or Honduran tobacco are very comparable. These nations have similar climates and soil to that of Cuba, and so their tobacco takes on a lot of the same characteristics. Brands like AJ Fernandez sell great Nicaraguan cigars that will please even a recipient who is a seasoned cigar smoker. 

Just buy one or a small set

It can be tempting to go overboard and buy a whole collection of cigars. But unless you know the person you're giving the gift to smokes cigars regularly, this is not a great idea. Cigars need to be stored carefully if they're not smoked within a few weeks, and the average person does not have a humidor to store a big collection of cigars properly. Even regular smokers may not have a humidor if they buy cigars a couple at a time. Buy one nice cigar, or at most, a set of three. If you want to give a bigger gift than this, then consider including a cigar cutter or a book about the history of cigars.

Include some information about the cigar

Cigar making is an art, and cigar smoking is also an art. Part of the art is not just smoking, but learning and reading about the tobacco that is being smoked. So, if you can find some literature or information about the cigar you are buying, include it with the gift. Many makers of higher-end cigars have pamphlets and little booklets they give out with their cigars. You can also find this information on their website and print it out. Your recipient will enjoy reading about the flavors they can expect from the cigar and also learning some smoking tips straight from the cigar maker.

Cigars can make excellent gifts. Just make sure you buy a quality cigar, don't give too many, and include some information about the brand and cigar itself. Talk to a cigar supplier to order cigars, including AJ Fernandez cigars.