5 Hookah Accessories For A Great Smoking Experience

Many people enjoy smoking tobacco as a way to relax and spend time with friends. Cigarettes and cigars are two common ways to enjoy tobacco. However, hookah pipes provide a third option. Smoking hookah can be a soothing and enjoyable experience. In order to get the most out of each hookah session, you'll want to have the right supplies. Here are five types of hookah accessories that can enhance your smoking experience:

1. Hoses

Unlike cigarettes, which allow a person to directly inhale the smoke released from burning tobacco, hookah pipes use long, flexible hoses to allow people to inhale tobacco smoke that has been filtered through water. Hookah hoses are reusable, but they can eventually degrade due to wear and tear. You can purchase replacement hookah hoses from a hookah accessory supplier like Lavoo Glass Hookah. Purchasing additional hoses will allow you and your friends to enjoy your hookah together.

2. Tongs

The tobacco used in hookah pipes is not combusted directly. Instead, a hot coal is placed atop a small dish containing a wet form of tobacco called shisha. A set of hookah tongs can allow you to safely handle burning coals without injuring yourself. You can find tongs specifically made for this purpose at a hookah accessory store.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Hookah pipes should be cleaned periodically to remove the carbon buildup that can accumulate inside. Emptying your hookah pipe and cleaning it with warm, soapy water can make it as good as new. You can find hookah cleaning supplies at a hookah accessory store. Pipe cleaning brushes can allow you to clean the inside of your hookah hoses to remove soot that can negatively impact the flavor of your shisha.

4. Shisha

Shisha is a tobacco product designed for use in hookah pipes. It contains molasses, which gives it its characteristic moisture level. Shisha comes in many flavors, from mint to fruit flavors, such as melon and strawberry. You can find shisha for sale at a hookah accessory store. In order to purchase shisha, you will need to prove that you are of age to purchase tobacco products.

5. Shisha Containers

You may not smoke all of your shisha in a single session. Fortunately, shisha can be stored for later use. Shisha containers are specifically designed to keep shisha fresh and moist. These containers are smaller than many plastic storage containers, which allow you to limit the amount of oxygen that comes into contact with your shisha.