3 Things To Consider When Purchasing CBD Vape Pods

If you struggle with chronic pain and persistent inflammation, CBD oil can help alleviate your discomfort. CBD oil can also reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Though there are multiple ways to use CBD oil, one option is using a CBD vape pod.

A vape pod is a small container that attaches to your vaporizing device; it contains the juice of whatever substance you want to vape. Should you decide to try CBD vape pods, here are a few details to consider to make sure the pods are right for you.

1. Whether the Pods are Disposable or Reusable

You can select between disposable and reusable CBD pods. Which pod you choose will vary based on your preferences. Some CBD users find that it's more convenient to use disposable pods that they don't have to worry about refilling. Other users prefer reusable pods that they can refill with their desired CBD product as needed. 

Regardless of whether you opt for disposable or reusable pods, make sure that the pod is compatible with your vaping device. It should state on the packaging what devices the pod works with. 

2. The Potency of the CBD Oil

Though it's highly unlikely you will use enough CBD oil to put your health in danger, a CBD dosage that's too high for your needs can result in unwanted side effects. You might notice feelings of fatigue and changes in your appetite. On the other hand, you don't want a dosage that's too low or the CBD won't be effective. This makes it important for you to select a CBD vape pod that accommodates your dosing needs. 

If you're new to using CBD oil, start with a low dose pod to ensure that you don't experience any adverse side effects. A dose of around 20-25 milligrams is a reasonable starting point that you can adjust upwards if needed. 

Should you find that a lower dose isn't effective or if you've previously used CBD and know you need a higher dose, look for pods with larger amounts of CBD. Exact dose amounts vary, but pods are usually available with up to 250 mg of CBD.

3. Your Flavor Preferences 

CBD vape pods come in an assortment of different flavors. Make sure that you take into account your flavor preferences when deciding what pods to use, or you may be tempted not to use them.

If you prefer sweet, fruity tastes, look for pods with a dessert flavor or fruit flavor. Maybe you like a clean, fresh taste; if so, cool mint or peppermint flavors might be better for your palate.